Locked out ? how do you know you are choosing a real locksmith

It can be a costly mistake not choosing a competent locksmith , but this is a common mistake made by many where the outcome is some get shoddy work and many others get scammed with additional unnecessary work and costs whilst others just get well over charged.

Sadly the fault lies with government , there is no legislation or regulation with regards locksmiths , so no rules to follow so no comebacks , there are also no legitimate qualifications , so anyone can advertise as a locksmith , competent or not .

Many of those advertising are inexperienced , with little more than a 2 to 5 day course to their name , you cannot learn a trade in days , yet the majority of adverts you see will be by those with little to no trade experience .
Many of the adverts you read will be national companies who find you a local locksmith and charge far more than a local locksmith charges , just call centers putting their profits on top .
Others will be scammers , out to relieve you of as much money as they can .

So how does a member of the public avoid the scammers and the inexperienced as its impossible to tell the real local locksmiths ads from the others .

If you pick an ICL member , we have done the checks already , so you are ensured of a competent tradesman , also we urge you to ask questions , if locked out always ask ;

1) how they will get in , if they say they will drill open and change the lock , then avoid as a locksmith will always try and pick your lock first .

2) ask for a fixed quote , if they cant give you one then be ary of an increased bill

3) ask if the locksmith is a member of ICL or MLA

if it sounds too cheap be wary , if they are vaig avoid , if they just wont to drill and chnage avoid .

in an ideal world the government would regulate the trade , but they wont so its a free for all , so take care when choosing a locksmith , always choose an ICL locksmith and verify their claim to membership on our find a locksmith site , as many lie about being a member .

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