Properly insured auto locksmiths

At ICAL we have done a survey of 100 auto locksmiths who are not ICAL members ,  to find out just how many are trading without the correct insurance to cover them to work on cars .

The results surprised us , only 12% of them had liability cover , professional indemnity cover etc to cover them whilst working on customers cars ,  most were trading with general locksmith cover , which does not cover them to open cars or to program new keys to cars , 2% had no cover at all for anything.

Customers need to be sure that the Auto Locksmiths that they use , have the correct insurance cover cover for the services they offer you , as it seems alot do not . This could work out very expensive for the customer in the event of loss or damage to the vehicle following a job done by a non properly insured Auto Locksmith , leaving the customer with no recourse and footing a big bill themselves .

In an ideal world , an auto locksmith would not trade or offer a service to the public without having the correct adequate insurance , but sadly this is not an ideal world , so we urge and advise customers to ensure that any auto locksmith they employ or contract has correct and sufficient liability insurances that cover work on motor vehicles .

Any auto locksmith currently offering such services who is not properly insured to carry out this work , should cease doing so until insured properly , this insurance is available from a number of brokers and providers , we at ICL and ICAL reccomend and advise Locksure insurance to our members , allowing customers the peace of mind of knowing that an ICL / ICAL member offering auto locksmith services and carrying out any work at all on motor vehicles , is properly and adequately insured to do so .

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