Locksmith Training Courses

The ICL now offer 2 auto locksmith training courses

A 1 and 2 day ICL and ICAL approved auto locksmithing course. Held in the East Midlands and includes all manuals and a years free membership to ICAL. Our next course is 20th and 21st April 2013.

These sessions have been designed for those looking to begin on a career as an auto locksmith , dealing with all aspects of auto entry needed to gain entry to over 95% of todays vehicles old and new , and the skills needed to decode over 80% of todays auto locks.

To ensure The very best training for our delegates , we have secured the services of the 2 original and best known Lishi auto entry trainers in the UK and America , these sessions will be delivered by Martin Pink and Richard Breslin , who are well known around the world as lishi auto entry trainers .

Martin Pink isnt just well known as a Lishi trainer , he also co developed this innovative range of 2 in1 tools alongside mr li the inventor , other than Mr Li maybe , no one knows this tool range and how it works better, which is why martin has a number of guides and publications in print , and co wrote the lishi book .

Martin and Richard have taught lishi tools and auto entry across the Uk and USA , Turkey and most recently at ALOA in Las Vegas, both are exceptionally well known and well respected in their field and seen at most major trade shows.

Both Martin and Richard are also accomplished auto locksmiths , and can advise and assist with your route forward.

Not content with ensuring you get the very best trainers , we have also ensured you will recieve Martin’s training guides and reference material as part of your course hand outs to ensure your continued development post course.

Further more , to ensure your ongoing support , all trainees who complete the 2 day course will recieve 12 months free membership to ICAL and 12 months free access to the ICAL forum , a unique and in depth info resource for when help is needed . candidates attending the 1 day session will recieve discounted membership for 12 months.

The auto entry courses are designed to be the best available , delivered by the best trainers on the best and most relevent tools and equipment on both old and new vehicle locks , accompanied with the finest most relevent course hand outs and unique ongoing support via ICAL .

The1 day auto entry session can be taken as an independent 1 day course , or as the 1st day of a 2 day auto entry course .

This day is all hands on , the session is designed to give the candidate the methods , techniques and knowledge to be able to open many makes of vehicle using basic methods .

Candidates will learn to use ;

Various Ford Tibbe picks

Various inner groove picks

Hand Pick sets

Air bags and wire rods

Jiggler keys

Overlifter sets

Intro to lishi tools

Candidates will open auto locks from the most popular makes including

Ford , Vauxhall , VW , Audi , Seat , Skoda , Renault , Peugeot , Mercedes , BMW , Honda Etc

Candidates will learn to open both standard edge key locks as well as latest laser key locks.

This 2 day course includes the one day advanced auto entry course:

This session will be taught by Martin Pink and Richard Breslin , both are world renowned Lishi trainers , training both in the USA and the UK and at major shows in the uk and USA, richard and martin are known as the authority on lishi tools .

Martin Pink was crucial assisting Mr Li in the development of the lishi tool range and has trained locksmiths around the world in the use of these tools , he looks after Lishi support on a number of forums in the USA and UK and along with mr Li knows lishi better than anyone.

This day is designed to give the user the methods and techniques to get the most from the lishi picks and decoders and along with our course handouts and reference/training literature , the knowledge to perfect these techniques.

You will be taught to use the latest state of the art Lishi blind touch and Lishi 2in1 pick/decoder tools.

Candidates will learn to use the Lishi blind touch tools , these are for picking the latest laser key locks found on makes like ;

Peugeot , renault , VW , Audi , ford and vauxhall models.

The majority of the time will be spent learning to use the latest Lishi 2 in1 pick decoder tools , candidates will learn to both pick and decode the latest laser locks fitted to cars currently as well as on standard edge key locks still used today.

Candidates will learn to pick and decode locks from most common manufacturers including ;

VW , Audi , Seat , Skoda , BMW , Mercedes , porsche , Fiat , Nissan , Toyota , Honda , Vauxhall , Ford , peugeot and renault .

This is the most comprehensive lishi training day , delivered by 2 of the best known original Lishi trainers , 1 of which is the co developer of the entire range , in short , no better and no more in depth training is available on these celebrex no prescription must have tools .

 Breakdown of day 1 – basic vehicle entry

Session 1 Ford tibbe Lock opening

The ford tibbe lock is also fitted to jaguar vehicles , this is one of the most common locks you will be called to , so is an important lock to get to grips with.

During this session delegates are taught the various methods and techniques for picking this lock using the most up to date and most effective tools , including :

  1. The souber tibbe pick
  2. The catapillar pick
  3. The safe ventures pick
  4. Other makes of tibbe tool

During this session delegates will also be taught to decode this lock in preparation for cutting a key.

Session 2  Standard Edge Key Locks

During this session candidates will be taught to use a number of common tools for opening standard double sided edge key locks , the tools used will include ;

  1. Tensioners
  2. Rakes
  3. Hand picks
  4. Overlifters
  5. Jiggler keys

Delegates will use these tools on common vehicles found on our roads , including ;

VW , Vauxhall , Nissan , Renault , Peugeot , mazda and Hyundai .

Session 3 Modern laser key locks

During this session candidates will be taught to use a number of basic entry methods and tools for use on the up to date modern laser key locks , tools used will include ;

  1. Tensioners
  2. Inner groove picks
  3. Laser lock rakes
  4. Jiggler keys
  5. Overlifters
  6. Intro to lishi standard picks

Delegates will use these tools on modern vehicle locks including ;

VW , Audi , seat , skoda , Porsche , BMW , Honda , Vauxhall , Mercedes etc

Session 4 Through the car entry methods

During this session candidates will learn to correctly use

  1. Airbags
  2. Rods
  3. Lassoo tools

During this session candidates will learn the through the car methods of entry using these basic tools.

This is a fully hands on day following the tried and tested teaching method of ;

  1. Explanation
  2. Demonstration
  3. Candidate practice hands on

The day is complemented with extensive entry notes and course manual , on conclusion candidates will have the opportunity to join ICAL for continued support and access to the comprehensive forum resource.

Breakdown of day 2 – day advanced lishi vehicle entry

This day is all about advanced picking and decoding using the real lishi tool range developed by mr li and martin pink and made by the renouned mr li.

Session 1 Lishi standard picks

This session concentrates on Lishi standard blind touch picks , teaching you the methods to get the most from these tools, we will focus on a few common makes with these tools though there is a tool for most makes, we will concentrate on;

VW , Audi , Seat, Skoda , Peugeot , Citreon and fiat .

Session 2 Single lifter Lishi 2in1 Pick/decoders

During this session we will concentrate on the single lifter 2in1 picks teaching the candidate to pick open and decode these locks in preparation for key cutting. We will concentrate on common makes including;

VW , Audi , Seat , Skoda, Renault , Peugeot , BMW vehicles

Session 3 Twin Lifter Lishi 2in1 pick/decoders

During this session we will concentrate on the twin lifter 2in1 pick/decoders , teaching candidates the methods and techniques to both pick open and decode the lock in preparation for key cutting , we will cover common makes including ;

VW , Audi , Ford , Vauxhall , BMW and mercedes vehicles .

Session 4 standard edge key 2in1 pick decoders

During this session candidates will learn to use the 2in1 pick/decoders to both pick open and decode in preparation for key cutting standard double sided edge key locks including makes such as ;

Nissan , Vauxhall , mazda locks

Session 5 quad lifter 2in1 pick/decoders

During this session candidates will learn the methods and techniques for using the quad lifter lishi 2in1 pick/decoders , candidates will be taught to both pick open and decode these tricky locks and why these locks will also need picking lockedagain , we will concentrate on locks from manufacturers;

Toyota , Honda and Hyundai/Kia

During this fully hands on day , candidates will be shown how to use the direct decoders where the lock can be decoded without picking on makes such as VW , Toyota , BMW , Mitsibushi , Nissan etc .

This is an intense fully hands on day and includes a lot of content , so to help you post course we supply martin pinks in depth picture how to guides on using these tools as well as our comprehensive entry cd .

In addition you are offered the opportunity to join ICAL at a subsidized rate and take advantage of their forum and technical info and support resource.

For candidates who attend both days training as a 2 day course , free 12 months auto entry technician membership is offered to ical with access to the ical forum which is a valuable information resource and support resource.

We are advocates of mr li’s genius and only train on legitimate real lishi tools developed by martin and mr li and made solely by mr Li , we do not use inferior tools not made by mr li in his own factory , Martin only trains on real lishi tools made by mr li , not imitations.

All training is carried out by Martin pink and Richard breslin , both renowned lishi trainers who train around the world on this subject and are well known in the UK , USA and Europe as the original lishi trainers and the most experienced and knowledgable trainers on these tools in the world today.

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