The Institute is a strictly non-profit-making organisation. All fees collected are used to pay only for actual administrative costs and Member benefits .

we accept member applications for ICL , ICAL or Joint Membership .

Please make cheques payable to ‘The Institute of Certified Locksmiths’.

fees and applications should be sent To ;

ICL/ICAL membership secretary

Rest Harrow , The Street , West Clandon , Surrey , GU4 7SY .

Joining fees for new members

The fee for applying for membership is as follows can u buy celebrex over the counter ;

ICL Membership     £75.00

ICAL Membership £75.00

or for those that want to join both ;

Joint ICL and ICAL Membership £100.00

Fees include 1st years membership fees and admin fees


The annual renewal fees for existing members are ;

ICL Membership £50.00

ICAL Membership £50.00

or for those that wish to renew both

Joint ICAL & ICL Membership £75.00

Upgrading membership

If an ICL or ICAL member wants to upgrade to Joint Membership the upgrade fee is £25.00