Suspension or expulsion

Any Member shall be liable, at the discretion of the Steering Group, to suspension or expulsion if they:

  • are in arrears with the payment of the annual subscription by three months or more
  • in the opinion of the Steering Group, have violated the Code of Ethics or the Rules of the Institute
  • in the opinion of the Steering Group, have engaged in conduct considered prejudicial to the best interests of the Institute
  • have failed to notify the Steering Group:
    • of a receiving order, winding up order or a declaration of bankruptcy
    • of criminal proceedings and the result of any criminal action against them
    • of any misrepresentation of themselves or the Institute either in writing or by verbal actions.

Any Member may be suspended or expelled at a meeting of the Steering Group in accordance with the above rules. In all cases, however, the opportunity shall be given to the Member concerned, by notice in writing, to be present and/or represented at such a meeting and they shall be given an opportunity to answer the allegations, prior to any decision being made by the Steering Group.

Appeals Procedure

Any Member has the right of appeal against a decision taken by the Steering Group concerning his membership. Such appeals will be heard by an independent panel of three ordinary Members, who will consider their verdict and inform the Steering Group.

The Steering Group will be bound by that decision but may impose conditions on a Member allowed to rejoin or have their suspension lifted.


A Member may resign his membership of, and withdraw from, the Institute at any time by written notice to the ICL Membership Secretary. There will be no refund of subscriptions.